Scientific Computing Program of Institute of Applied Mathematics (IAM) has launched Lecture Series  to share knowledge and expertise on computational science and engineering  (CSE) with the undergraduate students. Over the past two decades, CSE has become an increasingly important part of research in academia, industry, and laboratories. Mathematics-based advanced computing is now a prevalent means of discovery and innovation in essentially all areas of science, engineering, technology, and society, and the CSE community is at the core of this transformation. The purpose of these lecture series  is to bring together researchers  from a diversity of subdisciplines from the fields of computational mathematics and engineering with undergraduate students, who are prospective graduate student candidates.

Our first concept is MATLAB for undergraduate students. The goal of this seminar series is to provide an introduction to the MATLAB environment and language, in order to solve problems in science and engineering. The content of the lectures are

  • Basic commands and Syntax, Arrays and Matrices;
  • Scripts and Functions, Control Loops;
  • Graphics and Visualizations;
  • Vectorization, Advanced Data Structures, Symbolic Toolbox;
  • Special Concepts: Data Fitting and Least-Squares, Initial-value problems, Partial Differential Equations.

 The textbook of the lectures is  "Tobin A. Driscoll, Learning MATLAB, SIAM, 2009".

The first lecture series was held first on November 19-28, 2018  and then December 10-19, 20018 with the attendance of 40 participants.

If you have any questions, please contact with yucelh[at]  

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