• Use IAM thesis LaTeX template which is downloadable from iam.metu.edu.tr/regulations-iam.
  • If needed, please visit METU Academic Writing Center.
  • Photocopies must be made from the original and all pages must have high contrast with consistently dark print throughout the thesis. Inferior copies and copies not made on approved paper will not be accepted.
  • Kind of type and type size should be one of the document class from IAM thesis LaTeX template. But footnotes, endnotes, quotations, examples, tables, charts, figures, etc. can be written with smaller point sizes as long as they are easily readable.
  • Ink corrections, strikeovers and handwriting are never allowed.
  • The pages in each chapter should be two-sided. However, there are intentionally left blank pages between chapters; see LaTeX template!


  • All headings and titles should be presented in the same way, in terms of capitalization, placement, kind of type used, point size, etc. including all Preliminary Pages, Chapters, Appendices, References & CV.
  • Title page (on page i, but without numbering)
  • Approval page must be corrected according to the sample approval page (on page iii, but without numbering). First committee member should be the chair of examining committee. Second committee member should be your supervisor and third committee member should be your co-supervisor if s/he is exist. The rest should be sorted according to their academic titles. All affiliations should fit in a single line. If affiliation line is broken into two lines, you should shorten the affiliation by using abbreviations or any other means.
  • Plagiarism Page (on page v)
  • Abstract / Öz (each starts on an odd-numbered pages)
  • Dedication, Acknowledgements, and Preface are optional, but each starts on an odd-numbered page. Dedication must be brief and centered on the respective odd-numbered pages.
  • Table of Contents (on an odd-numbered page)
  • List of Tables, if applicable/necessary (on an odd-numbered page)
  • List of Figures, if applicable/necessary (on an odd-numbered page)
  • List of Symbols/Abbreviations, if applicable/necessary  (on an odd-numbered page)
  • The Text/Chapters (each chapter starts on an odd-numbered page)
    • Illustrations of any kind should be numbered, this includes appendices.
    • Table numbers and captions are placed above the top of line of illustration.
    • Figure numbers and captions are placed below the last line (bottom) of illustration.
    • For all illustrations (figures, tables, charts, etc.), the captions and headings should be same in terms of typeface, point size.
  • Bibliography/References starts on an odd-numbered page. Special names and abbreviations should be written with capital letters. The names of the journals should be in long format; using iamBiblioStyle.bst and BibTeX are strongly advised.
  • Appendices: Do not make a cover page for appendices; each appendix starts on an odd-numbered page.
  • Vita required only for PhD thesis  should start on an odd-numbered page.


  • Checked the format of your thesis.
  • Send your thesis to teozge@metu.edu.tr for a quick check of your thesis format before sending it to the Examining Committee Members.
  • Send your thesis to Examining Committee Members at least 15 days before your defense.
  • Send your Thesis Announcement Form (Tez Duyuru Formu, in Turkish) to IAM secretarial at least 15 days before your defense in order to announce at IAM announcement pages.
  • Print out the (first page of the) turnitin report of your thesis (ask your supervisor). Check the FAQ: https://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/Turnitin (Until 2021, iThenticate Report is acceptable!).


  • Make the necessary adjustments offered by the  Examining Committee Members in 30 days.
  • Make sure that the format and appearance are as required!
  • Ensures that all the fields on the approval page of the thesis are signed by the related faculty member. Blue ink must be used for all signatures.
  • Fills the METU Electronic Operation Form. (This form will not be printed).
  • Fills the YOK Thesis Entry Form and prints it.

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