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Questions on Application Process, Criteria and Documents

Each department specifies the application criteria for their programmes.
IAM only checks the validity of the on-line loaded documents and their compliance with the criteria determined by the departments.
Related department evaluates the applications and decides to accept or reject the applicants.
Each department decides the number of admissions according to the capacity of the programme, number of applicants and so on in the evaluation process. Thus the number can change each semester; it is not pre-determined.
All information about the details of the programmes are provided on Curricula. There are no evening courses; however, we have many students who are also working.
The date of METU-EPE is generally announced on the Academic Calendar of METU. Besides, you should be able to reach the date and the details of METU-EPE on Or, you may also check
All the applicants should submit a valid English proficiency exam result. Only the foreign students from the English speaking countries (the official language of the country should be English), on condition that they are graduated from a school where the language of education is also English, are exempt from submitting an English proficiency exam result.
YDS exam scores are not valid and accepted for graduate admission. Accepted exam scores are the ones of METU-EPE, TOEFL IBT and IELTS.
The applicants who are registered to a graduate / undergraduate programme in any university in the application semester are exempt from the application fee.
Conditional application is not possible for any native applicants. Only foreign students who do not have GRE scores can make conditional application, provided that they should fulfill some requirements in their first semester in the programme they register.
The applicants whose application is not evaluated due to a missing criteria or document and the applicants who want to withdraw their application within the application period can get their application fee back. Those applicants should apply to IAM with Payment Refund Application Form (Ödeme İadesi Başvuru Formu) on page Forms of IAM or on
You can apply to more than one programme for the same semester. You should submit the required documents separately and pay application fee for each programme you apply.
You cannot register to more than one graduate programme with thesis option. You may contact to the secretary in charge.
You cannot make any additions or revisions on the on-line application form after freezing. Thus, you should re-check the form and be sure that the information you have added is correct and complete before you freeze the form.

Miscellaneous Questions

You may fill in the Request Form for Members @ IAM. We will act according to your requests as soon as possible.
Yes, IAM has its own template, but only in \(\LaTeX{} \), for the theses. The template is a modification of the one for the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. On the page Regulations @ IAM, under Thesis Preparations, you may download the latest version of the template (with an example).
Unfortunately, no. We strongly recommend the use of \(\LaTeX{}\): On the page Regulations @ IAM, under Thesis Preparations, you may download the latest version of the template (with an example).