METU SIAM Student Chapter is the first and unique Student Chapter in Turkey founded in 2004 at the Institute of Applied Mathematics. Along the lines of the objectives of SIAM community, METU SIAM Student Chapter maintains links between Chapter members and renowned faculty from any relevant departments, allows sharing ideas and experiences of applied mathematics in industry, giving information related to careers and job opportunities.

We organize activities such as seminars on popular mathematics, workshops, field trips, social functions, competitions, participation to SIAM Annual Meetings, local science SIAM festivals. Our activities generally enclose of our Institute programs which are Actuarial Sciences, Cryptography, Financial Mathematics, and Scientific Computing.

We welcome to all interdisciplinary and faculty members from all mathematical sciences, statistics, computer science, engineering, economics, physics and other sciences as a METU SIAM Student Chapter Member. If you are a SIAM member, you can join METU SIAM Student chapter by filling member registration form of Office of Cultural Affairs of METU.  If you are not a member of SIAM, first become a member of SIAM from this link (, then register to Office of Cultural Affairs of METU

You can visit our website or mail us

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