Murat Cenk (Assoc.Prof.Dr.)

Affiliation: Cryptography

Phone: +90 (312) 210-5689

Office: S205

E-mail: mcenk[at]

Research Interests: Cryptographic Computation; Homomorphic Encryption; Post Quantum Cryptography; Privacy Preserving Data Analysis


A. Sevtap Selçuk-Kestel (Prof.Dr.)

Affiliation: Actuarial Sciences

Phone: +90 (312) 210-5614

Office: S224

E-mail: skestel[at]

Research Interests: Catastrophic Insurance; Life Insurance; Seismic Risk Analysis; Network Reliability


Ali Devin Sezer (Prof.Dr.)

Affiliation: Financial Mathematics

Phone: +90 (312) 210-5665

Office: S204

E-mail: devin[at]


Research Interests: Large Deviations; Importance Sampling; Stochastic Optimal Control; Mathematical Finance; Applied Probability


Önder Türk(Assist.Prof.Dr.)

Affiliation: Scientific Computing

Phone: +90 (312) 210-5652

Office: S228

E-mail: oturk[at]

Research Interests: Eigenvalue Problems; Fluid Mechanics and MHD Problems; Biomagnetic Fluid Flow Problems; Finite Element Methods; Boundary Element Methods; Spectral Methods


Ömür Uğur (Prof.Dr.)

Affiliation: Scientific Computing

Phone: +90 (312) 210-5617

Office: S227

E-mail: ougur[at]


Research Interests: Differential Equations; Boundary value and Eigenvalue Problems; Special Functions; Schrödinger Equations; Quantum Mechanics; Numerical Analysis; Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations; Financial Mathematics; Optimisation; Parallel Computing


Oğuz Yayla (Assist.Prof.Dr.)

Affiliation: Cryptography

Phone: +90 (312) 210-5695

Office: S220

E-mail: oguz[at]

Research Interests: Cryptography; Blockchain; Coding Theory; Combinatorial Designs; Algebraic Function Fields; Algebraic Curves; Finite Fields


Hamdullah Yücel (Assoc.Prof.Dr.)

Affiliation: Scientific Computing

Phone: +90 (312) 210-5607

Office: S231

E-mail: yucelh[at]


Research Interests: PDE Constrained Optimization; Adaptive Finite Element Methods; Discontinuous Galerkin Methods; Uncertainty Quantification