Rules and Regulations

The exam covers 3 areas described below.The exam has 2 questions from part A, 3 questions from part B and 3 questions from part C.

You are not to answer all 8 questions, you will choose 1 from A, 2 from B and 2 from C and answer those for a total of 5 questions.The other 3 questions you have not chosen will not be taken into consideration in your evaluation.

There will be an oral exam after the written one.

A. Applications of Finite Fields

Subjects include groups, rings, polynomial rings, fields, structure of finite fields, polynomials over finite fields, factorization of polynomials, construction of irreducible polynomials, permutation polynomials, normal and optimal normal basis.


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B. Block and Stream Ciphers

Subjects include boolean functions, correlations and walsh transforms, s-boxes, permutations, block cipher types, many well-known block ciphers, cryptanalysis, block cipher modes of operation, design, evaluation and analysis of block ciphers, statistical analysis, LFSR's, their combinations and stream ciphers using them, linear complexity, generating functions, characterizations and properties of linear recurring sequences.


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C. Public Key Cryptography

Subjects include general information about public key cryptography, lattice based methods, RSA, primality and factoring algorithms, discrete logarithms and cryptography based on them, elliptic curve cryptography, digital signatures, applications of cryptography, post-quantum cryptography, attacks against public-key systems, key establishment / distribution, cryptographic protocols, complexities and tradeoffs of these algorithms.


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