Based on the number of graduate students in the programs and the thesis load of the faculty, the necessary requirements for transferring a student from a non-thesis option to a thesis option within the program are listed below:

  • the must courses should successfully be completed in the first two semesters,
  • the CGPA should be 3.0 or more,
  • a signed document from the faculty member who agrees to advise/supervise the thesis,
  • the thesis topic and a short thesis proposal approved by the thesis supervisor.

Students registered in a non-thesis option who fulfills the requirements can apply for transferring from a non-thesis to a thesis option within the same program.


Students who satisfy the requirements have to make a formal application attached by an unofficial transcript by filling in the form and returning it to the Institute Secretary Office  up to last day of  the first week of the semester. The Application Form for the Transfer to the Thesis Option (in Turkish) request includes 

  1. appeal to change status,
  2. name of the faculty member who agrees to conduct the thesis,
  3. title of the research topic,
  4. approval and signature of the supervisor.

Evaluation and admission of these applications will be based on the load of the supervisor, academic performance of the student, especially in core courses, and the CGPA. Only after the Institute approval for the transfer to the programme with thesis option, students will be allowed to register to MSc courses (500 and 8XX) during the Add-Drop period.

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14/01/2021 - 17:27