05/07/2017 - 15:47

We consider inferring regulatory relations, in particular gene interactions from the empirical measurements, in particular expression microaarray profiles. Piecewise linear formulations are studied as abstract models but they do not include an intervention model. In this context the task is inferring the dynamics of each stationary steady state by using a piecewise analytically computable model, while possible switchings between states are detected by statistical methods. Considering delays in the models of nonlinear dynamical systems create problems in the accurate computation of the models. Thus, most of the research on delays considers the cases where the effects of delays can be simplified. In this context this projects aims at developing model classes evolving in continuous time without ignoring or simplifying the effects of delays.

  • H. Öktem, Institute of Applied Mathematics, METU

Funded by TUBITAK-104T133, Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey