Development of Entropy Source Evaluation Software

This project is based on the development of entropy source evaluation software.

National Mobile Operating Systems

The aim of this project is to operate national mobile operating systems.

Cryptographic Test Package Development

This project focuses on the development of cryptographic test package.

Cryptanalysis Consulting Service Procurement

The aim of this project is cryptanalysis consulting service procurement.

Improving Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Arithmetical and Matrix Problems and their Applications for Cryptography

The project aims to develop new efficient parallel algorithms for polynomial and matrix multiplications. The results are applied to cryptography.

Improving and Implementing Efficient Algorithms for Cryptographic Algorithms

This project is on developing new efficient algorithms for cryptographic applications.

Improving and Implementing Efficient Algorithms for Public Key Cryptography

The public key cryptography involves costly number theoretic algorithms and therefore the performance of that requires improvements. In this project, new arithmetic algorithms are developed and applied to RSA and elliptic curve cryptography.

Improving Statistical Test Package

Randomness is measured by statistical tests and security evaluation of a cryptographic algorithm deeply depends on statistical randomness tests. In this project, different statistical test suites are investigated.

Differential Factors and Time Complexity of Block Cipher Attacks

In this project, differential cryptanalysis which is a method for analyzing block ciphers is investigated with the differential factors property. Also, other block cipher cryptanalysis methods are examined with the time complexities.

Numerical Studies of Korteweg-de Vries Equation with Random Input Data

Differential equations are  primary tools to mathematically model physical phenomena in industry and natural science and to gain knowledge about its features. However, classical deterministic differential equations does not sufficiently model physically observed phenomena since there exit naturally inevitable uncertainties in nature. The aim of this project is to investigate numerical solutions of Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) equation with  random input data, which is a fundamental differential equation for modeling and describing solitary waves occurring in nature.

TÜBİTAK Integrated PhD Program: Homogenous spaces, enumerative geometry and singularity theory

Homogenous spaces, enumerative geometry and singularity theory are investigated.

ESF (European Science Foundation) Research Networking Project: Advanced Mathematical Methods for Finance

This project aims at the development and application of advanced mathematical tools in finance. Methods from stochastic analysis, deterministic and stochastic control theory, the theory of differential equations, functional analysis, mathematical statistics, numerical analysis and simulation, are playing an increasingly important role in the study of financial instruments and the very complex markets in which these instruments are traded.

DAAD Program Subject-Related Partnerships with METU

Within the framework of this project new learning modules will be developed in the field of optimization at the Institute of Applied Mathematics, Middle East Technical University. With an exchange of faculty and students, common research work and supervision of master and PhD thesis will be done. It is also aimed to prepare the basis for a double degree program in the scientific computing.

TÜBİTAK Integrated PhD Program: Continuous Optimization Methods and Applications

Continuous Optimization Methods and Applications

TÜBİTAK-NSF INT Project: Development of Modelling and Optimiztion Tools for Hybrid Systems

We consider the modeling and optimization of dynamic hybrid systems. Such systems occur widely in nature (particular in biological, chemical and mechanical applications) and are also essential components of economic planning models.