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Institute of Applied Mathematics (IAM) is an interdisciplinary centre fostering various researches and teaching activities in mathematical sciences. In order to coordinate mathematics-based research as well as to undertake collaborative research with industry, IAM has established Colloquia (General Seminars), since its foundation in 2002, almost every Tuesdays in the afternoon. A colloquium at the institute usually lasts about 45 minutes.

The Colloquium provides an opportunity to build and strengthen relations between researches, practitioners, regulators from various fields and members, especially the students, of IAM. Here, at IAM with four specialised departments (Actuarial Sciences, Cryptography, Financial Mathematics, Scientific Computing) we are expecting valuable contribution and exchange of ideas from different scholars, lecturers and specialists.

General audience of the Colloquia at IAM consists of both graduate and undergraduate students, scholars and academics from various research fields, including the departments at IAM. As the audience is not homogeneous, invited speakers are advised to consider the following general principles of a colloquium talk at IAM:

  • Colloquium talks are given to general audience; however, such a colloquium talk at IAM might sometimes resemble a research seminar (only when it is necessary).
  • A (colloquium) talk is not a paper, it needs a special preparation (pre-prep and pre-planning) in order to involve and attract as many attendees as possible to the subject. This is crucial if the audience is not homogeneous (with backgrounds from different research areas).
  • Mathematics is an expressive and precise language we communicate; however, reading mathematics (on board or on slides) distracts and disengage the audience from the speaker! Similarly, long tables, long algorithms, crowded charts or diagrams might be difficult to read and comprehend by the audience. So, special care is needed when necessary.
  • Facilities might improve the style of the talk. At IAM, besides the (white) board and transparencies, a projector connected to a computer is available for the electronic versions of the presentations.

There is a plenty of resource and tips available on the web in preparing and giving a talk, particularly, a colloquium talk. Below is a list of some of those we find helpful (to start with).


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