We are coordinating our general seminars with the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics. A list of all future planned seminars can be found here.
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Job opportunity for students
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Job opportunity for students (Update: 13.05.2024)
About DYS and TİK dates (Son Güncelleme 17.05.2024)
Kriptografi  27 Mayıs 2024  Yazılı Sınav (Saat: 9.30) 28 Mayıs 2024  Sözlü Sınav  Finansal...
Financial Mathematics written exam dates
Financial Mathematics written exam dates 20 Mayıs 2024, 10:00-13:00 Stochastic Processes and Probability with Applications to Finance 21 Mayıs 2024 , 10:...
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2023-2024 Spring Semester Course Schedule