Research Assistant Position in Scientific Computing, IAM: Pre-evaluation of the candidates who have to take the Written Exam is announced.

Course Code 589 and IAM 500 - 600 Thesis Groups
2018-2019 Spring Semester Offered Courses
2018-2019 Spring Semester Course Schedule

Kamil Otal received METU M. Parlar Thesis of the Year Award with his PhD study entitled "Constructions of Cylclic Subspace Codes, Cyclic Constant Dimension Codes, and Subspace Packings" supervised by Prof. Dr. Ferruh Ozbudak.

The current \( \LaTeX{} \) template for theses of IAM can be downloaded: (please send us your comments to ougur\( @ \)

Our faculty member Assoc. Prof. Ali Devin Sezer has received TUBITAK 1001 Project Grant titled "Backward Stochastic Differential Equations with Singular Terminal Values and Applications in Finance". We congrulate him and wish success in his new project.

We were on air at Radyo ODTÜ: Conversation with IAM Students (May 16, 2017)

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