In addition to at least 30 credit units of course work, seminar, and research methods and ethic units, students must prepare and successfully defend a term project. Expected duration to complete the MSc without Thesis Program is 3 semesters. Recommended curriculum and recommended elective courses is as follows:

Semester I Semester II
  • IAM582 Life Insurance Mathematics
  • Elective Course 1 (IAM521 Financial Management)                                                            
  • Elective Course 2 (IAM541 Probability Theory) 
  • Elective Course 3
  • IAM546 Actuarial Risk Theory
  • IAM583 Pension Fund Mathematics
  • Elective Course 4 (IAM 522 Stochastic Calculus for Finance / IAM548 Stochastic Processes for Insurance and Finance)
  • Elective Course 5
  • IAM698 Research Methods and Ethics
Semester III
  • IAM500 Term Project
  • Elective Course 6
  • Elective Course 7
  • IAM590 Graduate Seminar (0-Credit)

    For students who are accepted with scientific preparation program, two semesters of scientific preparation is must before the main curriculum. The courses you must take are as follows:

    Scientific Preparation I Scientific Preparation II
    • IAM530 Elements of Statistics and Probability / IAM591 Programming Techniques in Applied Mathematics I *
    • The other courses this semester must be taken as NI.
    • IAM592 Programming Techniques in Applied Mathematics II                                                                              
    • The other courses this semester must be taken as NI.

    • * The student takes only one of these courses. If the student requires mathematical statistics background, IAM 530, otherwise IAM 591 must be taken.
    • NI: Not Included (During scientific preparation program, student should take program courses in NI status).
    • To pass scientific preparation programme successfully, the rules and regulations can be found from link.

    Current Elective Courses
    • IAM521 Financial Management
    • IAM524 Financial Economics
    • IAM520 Financial Derivatives
    • IAM541 Probability Theory
    • IAM584 Advanced Actuarial Mathematics
    • IAM543 Regulation and Supervision of Financial Risks
    • IAM544 Financial Risk Assessment
    • IAM552 Credibility Theory
    • IAM554 Interest Rate Models
    • IAM555 Statistical Decision Theory
    • IAM557 Statistical Learning and Simulation
    • IAM558 Reinsurance Theory
    • IAM550 Portfolio Optimization
    • IAM614 Methods of Computational Finance
    • IAM615 Advanced Stochastic Calculus for Finance
    • IAM782 Extreme Values in Insurance and Finance
    • IAM783 Life Insurance: Products, Finance and Modeling
    • IAM784 Pension Systems and Their Financial Management
    • IAM785 Survival Models in Actuarial Science

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