In addition to at least 21 credit units of course work, seminar, and research methods and ethic units, the MSc degree candidate must prepare and successfully defend a MSc thesis. Expected duration to complete the MSc with Thesis Program is 4 semesters; the maximum duration is 6 semesters. However, students should complete course work including non-credit courses in 4 semesters. Advisor appointment has to be made at the beginning of 2nd semester. Recommended curriculum and recommended elective courses in parantheses are as follows:

Semester I Semester II
  • IAM582 Life Insurance Mathematics
  • Elective Course 1 (IAM521 Financial Management)                                                        
  • Elective Course 2 (IAM541 Probability Theory)      
  • IAM500 and IAM800 MSc Thesis (Advisor Appointment)
  • IAM546 Actuarial Risk Theory
  • IAM583 Pension Fund Mathematics
  • Elective Course 3 (IAM522 Stochastic Calculus for Finance / IAM548 Stochastic Processes for Insurance and Finance)
Semester III Semester IV
  • IAM500 and IAM800 MSc Thesis
  • Elective Course 4
  • IAM590 Graduate Seminar (0-Credit)
  • IAM500 and IAM800 MSc Thesis
  • IAM698 Research Methods and Ethics

For students who require mathematical statistics background, one semester of scientific preparation is must before the main curriculum. The courses you must take are as follows:

Scientific Preparation
  • IAM530 Elements of Statistics and Probability
  • The other courses this semester must be taken as NI.

  • NI: Not Included (During scientific preparation program, student should take program courses in NI status).
  • To pass scientific preparation programme successfully, the rules and regulations can be found from link.                 
Current Elective Courses
  • IAM521 Financial Management
  • IAM524 Financial Economics
  • IAM520 Financial Derivatives
  • IAM541 Probability Theory
  • IAM584 Advanced Actuarial Mathematics
  • IAM543 Regulation and Supervision of Financial Risks
  • IAM544 Financial Risk Assessment
  • IAM552 Credibility Theory
  • IAM554 Interest Rate Models
  • IAM555 Statistical Decision Theory
  • IAM557 Statistical Learning and Simulation
  • IAM558 Reinsurance Theory
  • IAM550 Portfolio Optimization
  • IAM614 Methods of Computational Finance
  • IAM615 Advanced Stochastic Calculus for Finance
  • IAM782 Extreme Values in Insurance and Finance
  • IAM783 Life Insurance: Products, Finance and Modeling
  • IAM784 Pension Systems and Their Financial Management
  • IAM785 Survival Models in Actuarial Science

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