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  • Pre-Evaluation of the Research Assistantship Applications and Information on the Enterence Exams: [Financial Mathematics] [Scientific Computing]
  • Dear PhD Students of IAM, who should attend to the "Thesis Monitoring Committee Meetings" (TIK); you are required to schedule the meetings together with the help of your advisors and the jury members. The meetings will be online (and recorded) via your preferred platforms.

    It is advised that the meetings should be scheduled:

    December 7-25, 2020 (Scientific Computing)
    December 14-28, 2020 (Financial Mathematics)
    December 7-28, 2020 (Cryptography)

    Please try scheduling the meetings as soon as possible, and provide us with the details, including the date, time, and the link of the virtual meeting, before December, 2020.

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