Scientific Computing Program


Scientific Computing (SC) is a broad, multidisciplinary area that encompasses applications in science, engineering, mathematics, and computer science. SC makes use of the techniques of applied mathematics and computer science for the solution of scientific and engineering problems. Therefore, SC is nowadays regarded as a "third pillar" of science, along with theory and experiment in the advancement of scientific knowledge and engineering practice.

The graduate programs in SC are designed according to the multidisciplinary nature of SC, including the mathematical and algorithmic foundations underlying numerical simulation. The coursework ranges from foundation mathematics and fundamental numerical algorithms to such practical topics in fluid mechanics, PDE-constrained optimization, finite element methods, statistical learning, dynamical systems, and computational finance. The SC program aims to produce highly skilled scientist capable of applying numerical methods and critical evaluation of their results to their field in science and engineering. It brings together best practice in computing with cutting edge science and fills in the computational gab in the traditional mathematical, science, and engineering program.


The objectives of scientific computing program are:
  • To educate graduates from different disciplines with the aim to develop and apply their skills to the solution of real life problems from science, engineering, industry;
  • To develop and maintain collaboration with scientist elsewhere by building a comprehensive and international research platform, to support academic and technological exchange and advancement;
  • To conduct fundamental and frontier research with advanced computational approaches, thereby talents worldwide and train highly qualified research personal, to support scientific development in Turkey.


  • MSc with Thesis in Scientific Computing
  • MSc without Thesis in Scientific Computing
  • PhD in Scientific Computing
  • Integrated PhD in Scientific Computing


University graduates of any discipline who are willing to acquire expertise in Scientific Computing are natural candidates for the program Admission procedure will be implemented according to the Rules and Regulations concerning Graduate Studies of Middle East Technical University. The selection will be done by considering the success of the student in the field she/he has graduated, the result of the ALES/GRE (Graduate Education Examination) and the results of the written examination and/or interview to be given by the Institute of Applied Mathematics. A letter explaining the goals of the candidate and at least three recommendation letters are also required for the admission. Approximately 15 students from Engineering, Science and Mathematics departments will be admitted to the SC program each year.

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