The thesis jury is appointed by the recommendation of the thesis advisor and the Programme Chair after the approval of the Institute. The Jury Assignment Form (Tez Jürisi Atama Formu, in Turkish) has to be typed digitally and sent to the Institute one month before the exam date for its approval. Jury members might be set up after getting the approval.

MSc Thesis Jury

  • The MSc Thesis Jury is composed of three or five members. In case of the jury with 3 members, the co-supervisor is not allowed to be a jury member. However, the co-supervisor can be a jury member if she/he is a faculty member and if the jury comprises of five members;
  • Besides the supervisor, more than one member from the Institute of Applied Mathematics (IAM), a faculty member from another university and the rest from METU have to be selected.

PhD Thesis Jury

  • The PhD Thesis Jury is composed of five members of faculty including those in the Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) (Tez İzleme Komitesi (TİK));
  • Besides TAC members (including thesis supervisor), the jury should have two faculty members from other universities (one is already in TAC) are required;
  • In addition to the five members of the thesis jury, the co-supervisor may attend the meeting without a right to vote.

We note that the IAM affiliated METU emeritus faculty may take place in the jury.

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