External Imbalances in Turkish Economy

Esma Gaygısız

Department of Economics

Middle East Technical University

Place: IAM S212

Date/Time: 18.04.2017 -15.40

Abstract:External imbalances have a crucial role in Turkish economy characterized by chronic current account and financial account deficits. The magnitudes of these crucial deficits, especially relative to the capability of the economy to cover these deficits, have had an increasing trend since 2002. The increasing dependency of the economy on external funds stands in stark contrast to its stagnant and even declining capability to pay back its obligations. This study investigates the compositions of Turkey’s external imbalances and relates these imbalances to the changing sectoral configuration and patterns of its production structures as well as its consumption directions.

Short Biography of the Presenter

Esma Gaygısız is an associate professor in the Department of Economics in Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara. She obtained her Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Economics and Econometrics from University of Manchester in United Kingdom. She received Master of Economics and Baccalaureate degrees from the Department of Economics, METU. Recently, she visited Norwegian University of Science and Technology between 2012-2014. In a crisis prone world, she concentrates on the links between real sectors and financial structures which constitute a vital dimension in understanding all economies in good and bad times. She studies on how real sector activities shape the financial outcomes and how distinct financial structures affect real sectors’ production characteristics and quantities.

Event Date: 
18. April 2017 - 15:40 - 16:40