Bulletin May 2017                                                                                                                                                

Journal articles & editorial
  • A. Arık, Y. Yolcu-Okur, Ş. Şahin,  Ö. Uğur, Pricing pension buy-outs under stochastic interest and mortality rates, Scandinavian Actuarial Journal, 2017, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/03461238.2017.1328370
  • S. Kannan, S.S. Ali, O. Nazarenko and G.-W. Weber, Stochastic processing time modelling in manufacturing, Pure and Applied Functional Analysis 2, 2  2017) 285-304, in the special issue dedicated to Professor Alexander Rubinov, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of his birthday.
  • S.K. Roy, G. Maity, G.W.Weber and S.Z. Alparslan Gök, Conic Scalarization Approach to Solve Multi-choice Multi-objective Transportation Problem with Interval Goal, Annals of Operations Research 253, 1, 599-620, 2017, http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s10479-016-2283-4
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Book chapters
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News & popular articles, lms, videos
  • M. Baldemor and G.-W.Weber, Report of ICEST 2017 - ICEST: a synergy for multi-disciplinary and OR-related research in Indonesia, EUROPT Newsletter 38 (May 2017) 13-14.
Special Issues
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Accepted publications
  • B. Karasözen, M. Uzunca, A. Sarıaydın-Filibelioğlu, H. Yücel, Energy Stable Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method For The Allen-Cahn Equation, to appear in International Journal of Computational Methods.
  • E. Kropat, S. Meyer-Nieberg and G.-W.Weber, Bridging the Gap Between Variational Homogenization Results and Two-Scale Asymptotic Averaging Techniques on Periodic Network Structures - On a Rigorous Derivation of Non-Variational Macroscopic Models, to appear in Numerical Algebra, Control and Optimization (NACO).
  • P. Vasant, S.Z. Alparslan-Gok and G.-W. Weber, Handbook of Research on Emergent Applications of Optimization Algorithms, Volume 1, IGI Global, Hershey PA, USA, to appear.
  • P. Vasant, S.Z. Alparslan-Gok and G.-W. Weber, Handbook of Research on Emergent Applications of Optimization Algorithms, Volume 2, IGI Global, Hershey PA, USA, to appear.
  • A. Karimov, Identifying Stock Market Bubbles: Modeling Illiquidity Premium and Bid-Ask Prices of Financial Securities, to appear in Contributions to Management Science, Springer-Verlag
  • P. Vasant, S.Z. Alparslan-Gok and G.-W.Weber, Prefaces, in Handbook of Research on Emergent Applications of Optimization Algorithms, Volumes 1-2, IGI Global, Hershey PA, USA, to appear.
  • G.-W. Weber, Foreword, in Innovative Computing, Optimization and Its Applications - Modelling and Simulations, Studies in Computational Intelligence Book Series, Springer Verlag, at the occasion of Computer Science and Engineering (COMPSE 2016), November 11-12, 2016, Penang, Malaysia, to appear
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Conference participation & Presentation
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  • Recent Advances in Precedence-Type Test and Applications, Ng, Hon Keung Ton, Department of Statistical Science Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas, USA, 30.05.2017.
  • Generalization of leave-one-out cross-validation formula for linear statistical models Savas Dayank, Industrial Engineering Department Bilkent University, 23.05.2017.
  • Secure Data Outsourcing, Alptekin Kupcu, Department of Computer Engineering Koc University, 16.05.2017.
  • Tensor Decompositions in Machine Learning, Ali Taylan Cemgil, Department of Computer Engineering, Bogazici University, 09.05.2017.
  • Reliability and Mean Residual Life Functions of Coherent Systems in an Active Redundancy, Konul Bayramoglu Kavlak, Department of Actuarial Sciences, Hacettepe University, 2.05.2017.
  • Modern methods for data mining review, Nataliia Kuznietsova, NTUU \KPI" (Kyiv, Ukraine), Erasmus
-Introduction to data mining. Bayesian networks for solving data mining tasks 27.04.2017
-Decision trees for data mining, 03.05.2017
-GeNIe as an instrument for building and using Bayesian Networks, 3.05.2017
-Logistic regression as a method for risk management
-Credit scoring, 10.05.2017
-Scoring cards development with SAS Enterprise Miner, 11.05.2017
Conferences & Workshops
  • IRSYSC 2017- 3rd International Researchers, Statisticians and Young Statisticians Congress, Konya, Turkey, May 24-26, 2017.
-B. Yıldırım, A.S. Selçuk-Kestel, The In uence of Longevity Risk on Pension Funds: Turkish Case.
-B. Yılmaz, A.S. Selçuk-Kestel, The Eject of Macro-Economic Factors on Housing Markets: US Case.